Attack Monkey Productions seeks out the things that are cool and brings them straight to you. From music to moonshine, the traditional to the avant-garde, we specialize in the development and promotion of unique, high quality brands and experiences. But exactly what is Attack Monkey, you ask? We're a full-service entertainment and public relations agency that veers more toward the cutting edge than the corporate. We believe that business should be as fun as it is productive - we take our work seriously but we're driven by passion for what we do, and that makes all the difference.


The Attack Monkey philosophy is simple - build brands that are authentic and offer the best possible experience to our artists, clients, and the general public. We believe that as long as we do that, people will keep coming back for more.

We have an exceptional record of success creating award-winning, effective grassroots, interactive, and social marketing/PR campaigns as well as buzzworthy events. Services include artist management, festivals, special event consultation and production, talent buying, booking, public relations, and marketing. The bottom line? We're promoters, but not the kind who are looking for a quick buck. We're more interested in spreading the gospel of the brands, artists, and events that we love. We're fans, too... and if we're a fan of you, we'll make sure people know about it.

You've heard of many of the brands we represent. Those you haven't heard of? You will soon. We'll make sure of it.