Photo by Eric Smith

Photo by Eric Smith

Artist Management

We take a unique and holistic approach to artist management. Traditionally, a manager would be paid a flat percentage of their client’s gross revenues - which often results in the manager making a profit while the artist struggles to pay his or her bills. The traditional artist manager serves mostly as an advisor. At Attack Monkey, we take a different approach. Our philosophy is that artists need a safe, healthy space in which to create their product – otherwise, they’ll never be truly successful. 

talent buying

Attack Monkey offers talent buying services for everything ranging from one-off events and festivals, to concert series, to venues seeking an ongoing schedule of shows. We’ll work with you to find the perfect fit and utilize our relationships with booking agencies to get you the best deal possible. Whether you’re looking for local acts or internationally touring household names, we book it all! And if you’re a non-profit organization with a tight budget, never fear - we can help you meet your goals!

Photo by Eli Johnson

Photo by Eli Johnson


AMP creates, manages, and produces festivals from nuts to bolts: booking, logistics, promotions, and day-of-event production. We’ve worked with budgets from the very small ($1000) to the very large (millions of dollars). Our goal is always the same: to create a memorable visitor experience and cut through the clutter of the many other festivals that compete for attention. Whether you just need a quick consultation or you want to hand over the reins completely, Attack Monkey has you covered.



We select our clients very carefully, and won’t work with someone if we aren’t passionate about their product. This makes a difference - you can only truly evangelize about something if you believe everything you are saying! Our PR offerings range from national press campaigns to localized campaigns (such as tour press for an artist, often encompassing 30-40 different markets throughout the US at any given time), and include comprehensive social media campaigns.


We regularly produce and promote concerts and other live entertainment events. For example, in 2011 AMP created Scruffy City Ramble: a hybrid live event, television production, radio show and on-demand streaming video product featuring both local and nationally touring acts. It has been broadcast statewide on television as well as throughout the Southeast on NPR and college radio, and revives and updates the live musical variety show concept that has deep roots in East Tennessee.

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CONSULTATIONS and artist coaching

Need some help with an album release? Not sure how to make the jump from weekend warrior to full-time musician? Do you think live music could add value to your business, but have no idea how to begin? Have a festival that’s stuck in a rut? Give us a call! We’re happy to consult with you, whether just for an hour or two or for a more involved project. Sometimes you just need a helping hand (or maybe a kick in the ass) - and we’re fully capable of providing both.


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